New Clients

As a new client, I will go through an intake process where we discuss your current medical health.We will talk about medications, injuries, places of soreness or tension.We may discuss how you spend your day (at a computer, standing to work, carrying children, etc.) and what kinds of activities cause you discomfort or soreness. In addition, I will ask you what your goals are for the session: are there particular areas you’d like addressed, and how you’d like to feel at the end of the session.All of this information is confidential, and I will create a treatment plan based on your needs and requests. Before we start the session, we may discuss preferences for lotions, oils or cremes, and I will communicate a general treatment order. After I leave the room, the client gets undressed and lies on the table between the sheets. When I return to the room, and start the session. Each session is unique, and planned in response to the needs of the client on a particular day.